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East VS West baseball…Carecraft style!

Carecraft’s motto for a long time has been, “Network – Buy Better – Have Fun”. There is certainly no such thing as having too much fun but..sometimes the “fun” part of Carecraft Membership gets carried to extremes. This tongue-in-cheek-challenge began in April 2013 with some West Coast staff and members commenting about the Yankees and one of their injured MVPs. Steve Gorlin responded and soon, not only were the New York Yankees and San Diego Padres involved in the discussion and comparisons but Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston team’s fans were challenging as well. Soon the comparison included the cheerleaders as well as the players and the smiles on everyone’s faces grew proportionately to the number of Members involved. When Randy Rodecker entered the fray he raised the stakes once more and here is the result: One of the best parts of working with over 200 Carecraft Members all across North America is the fact that no one takes themselves too seriously but all are quick to respond to a challenge to their “home team”. If you know these folks, you know what I mean….if you don’t you should! Respectfully submitted, Ken Rogner, Carecraft VP Networking and Education
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